Mandatory Disclosure

Welfare Policies

Anti-Ragging policy

Any undisciplined behavior either through verbal or written communication and disorderly acts of teasing, stalking, handling with rudeness to any student falls under the act of ragging. Such kind of acts will be strictly regulated by law due to their anti-social character and consequences. Any undisciplined activities by the students which causes or likely to cause annoyance, hardships or psychological or physical harm or to raise fear thereof in a junior or fresher student. If the student is asked to undertake any act which he/she will not in an ordinary circumstance and has the effect of causing a sense of shame or embarrassment. UGC has its own rules and regulations for curbing the ragging in educational institutes. Here is the UGC Anti-Ragging Regulations for Educational Institutes:

‘Zero Tolerance’ policy

Ragging is prohibited on the campus of SCLE including the departments, institutions and hostels. Ragging is strictly banned in students’ residential buildings and other infrastructure used by students. Student/ Faculty/ Staff involvement in any form of ragging will not go unnoticed. Anti-ragging regulations to include physical or mental abuse on grounds of ethnicity, caste, religion, color, regional background, linguistic identity, national and sexual orientation.

Actions by the authority against ragging

Expulsion from the Institution

Cancellation of Admission

Suspension or Rustication

Expulsion from the University / Hostel

Consequent debarring of the students from admission to any other educational institution for a definite period

Anti-ragging committee

There is an anti-ragging committee to check the unruly behavior of any individual involved in ragging on campus. This committee also includes students’ representatives.

Anti- Harassment Policy

Any act that results into physical or mental harassment of any form of male or female on campus comes under the act of harassment. In the light of this, SCLE is having internal complaints committee as a redressal mechanism to deal with matters of harassment. Any individual involved in such act will either be: Expelled from the institution, or the admission will be cancelled, or individual will be suspended.

Welfare Committees

Counselling Center
There is a counselling center providing services in areas of career counselling, personal and academic problems in order to create a student-friendly environment on campus.

Women’s Cell
SCLE has a women’s cell to ensure women empowerment and sensitization of gender issues on campus. It addresses the problems faced by women on daily basis and takes concrete measures to resolve the same. The committee consists of both faculty and students’ representatives to create awareness on women related issues and developments.

Equal Opportunities Cell
Inequality in any form on basis of disability, minority status arising out of economic or cultural barriers will be dealt by Equal Opportunities Cell. The committee will take up such measures as to provide equal rights and opportunities at SCLE without any discrimination or prejudices of any form.

Student Grievance Redressal Cell
The SCLE Student Grievance Redressal cell aims at enhancing student-faculty relationships. It also looks into day-to-day concerns and requirements of students in class and on campus. The cell aims at resolving the problems faced by students in an informal manner.

E-library at SCLE has a comprehensive collection of books, journals, research papers/articles, newspapers, periodicals, manuals, newsletters, project reports which can be easily accessed by students thereby playing the role of information provider.