For the Learners

  • Prof. Indira Parikh, former Dean, IIM-A and Founder President, FLAME, Pune is the pioneer of Liberal Education in India. She is now the Principal Mentor, School of Creative Liberal Education (SCLE), Jain (Deemed-to-be University)
  • SCLE is the pioneering institute to spread the knowledge-flow from India to other countries of the world based on the East-to-West model
  • Teaching at SCLE is based on S^4 model (Shishya, Sastra, Shastra and Shwasha) leading to the creation of a Stithpragya (steadfast) student.
  • Learning is based on ‘Allegorical Model’ instead of following a Literal Model
  • With regards to taking care of ‘Self’ apart from ‘Disciplined Lifestyle’, the student will undergo self-protection training against physical and mental inconvenience. This will make students self-assured, confident and courageous to handle crises situation
  • A good balance of time between electronic media and the period away from it will be achieved through a disciplined routine at SCLE
  • SCLE is providing scholarships to students to enhance the academic environment not only in India but also at the international level
  • Few notable International Liberal Education personalities: Jack Ma, Oprah Winfrey, Pope John Paul II, Bill Clinton, Aung San Suu Kyi
  • Few notable Indian Liberal Education personalities: Mira Nair, Fareed Zakaria, Nandita Das, Rohinton Mistry
  • After the completion of Courses in the first year, a career assessment program of each student will be done through the scientific method of psychometric analysis to facilitate the courses and degree that the student should ideally opt for in II and III years


Curriculum and Co-curricular

  • Most courses of SCLE are drawn from the rich Indian heritage and literature interwoven with the best of international concepts of education to prepare students for a life of tomorrow
  • SCLE is offering 27 Courses with a minimum of 100+ courses from 7 Universes as Electives and Specializations
  • SCLE is providing Bachelor of Management Studies also as a degree apart from BA, B.Sc., B.Com and BA (Journalism)
  • At a time when rote-learning has become the order of the day, SCLE comes as a whiff of fresh air with the following:
    • Knowledge-based – 68%
    • Skill and Experiential based – 32%
      32% of Skill and Experiential learning delivers better involvement and learning for any student.
  • Credit Matrix at SCLE has 6 components:
    Foundation - Knowledge-based
    Foundation - Skill-based
    Foundation – Experiential-based
    Generic Electives
    English Language
    Specialization Courses
  • The model of SCLE is based on Four Trimesters per year
  • At SCLE, the grading assessment of students will be of total 252 credits making it one of the most rigorous courses in the world
  • SCLE is monitored by a Board of Governors consisting of prominent individuals across the globe in academia, corporate, governance and social sectors
  • The curriculum and operations of SCLE are guided by an Academic Advisory Council consisting of Liberal Education specialists from India and abroad
  • SCLE is poised to be driven totally through Faculty Governance in academic and administrative areas
  • Institutional and Faculty Retreats will be regularly conducted to overview the direction of SCLE
  • All courses during the first Foundation year, cover areas from Science, Arts, Commerce, Technology and Sports to enable each student to decide the future of his / her liking.
  • SCLE has Asian Studies as a Universe to offer an in-depth study of Asia as a separate discipline unlike the common practice of including area study within larger discipline of International Relations in India
  • IT as a Foundation Course includes 30 emerging technologies like CX, Geo-Spatial Tech, Quantum Computing, Proximity Tech, Edge Computing, Immersive Media, Industry & Technology 4.0 etc to name a few
  • International Language and Sanskrit will be compulsory courses throughout the years at SCLE
  • SCLE is offering Politics and Leadership as a universe with a vision to shoulder the responsibility of catering the leaders of tomorrow
  • The Foundation Course and discipline of Mathematics (Natural Science) offers a student to develop analytical thinking to investigate and know the truth about the world around us. Efforts will be made to convert the hidden talent of mathematics in wards into application oriented academics
  • SCLE offers Sociology as a discipline in Social Sciences that develops a lifetime change in perspective by appreciating different human cultures and global diversities along with the capacity to resolve social problems and advocate for its planning and development
  • BA (Journalism) at SCLE is a unique degree which is floating in nature as it accommodates students from multiple disciplines to pursue a future in Journalism
  • SCLE is providing students with exposure to practical knowledge through programs such as Discover Heritage, Rural Immersion and Role & Identity Lab
  • At SCLE, the process to apply is easy and convenient
  • Sports and Yoga are compulsory courses to facilitate mental and physical fitness with strong immunity
  • At SCLE, Sports and Yoga courses also consist of traditional outdoor group games such as Lagori (Sitolia), Kho Kho, Kabaddi, Kiliyan Thattu (Langdi Taang), Kitti Pul (Gilli Danda) etc. to hone the team-building and leadership skills
  • At SCLE, students will have the options to choose from 17 sports to ensure overall physical and mental fitness
  • Jain (Deemed-to-be University) has contributed 6 Olympians, 1 Paralympian and more than 500 national and international players to the nation
  • There will be different student committees to organize a wide variety of activities and each student has to compulsorily be a member of any of these
  • SCLE is offering Life Protection course to provide students with situation-based skills such as First Aid, Disaster Management, Road Safety etc.
  • Students will be offered with Leadership Boot Camp course to enhance students’ mental and physical strength to deal with challenges



  • SCLE will ensure catering to the parents’ needs of their wards for residential facilities like clean accommodation, medical facilities, CCTV monitoring, double-security gates, biometrics, pickup and drop facilities, homely vegetarian food, and round-the-clock security personnel
  • The campus of SCLE is located in the heart of the IT City Bengaluru, with excellent transportation connectivity